Privacy Policy and T&Cs


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We are not responsible for your decision made based on the data on our website.

We are not lawyers nor do legal advisors therefore always check with your lawyers before making final decisions.

We are not financial specialists not advisors so please get your facts together.

We are not going to sell or share your personal data with any other third party.

Refund is only when the product or service is not functional.

We do not refund when the client made an error or was unaware of the product or service functionality.

Our business operates in South Africa, and should there be any dispute with foreigners, the South African court of law will be used and not foreign courts.

Our website is merely a guide on what could be required, you must contact us before making final decisions based on our data.

We will work with client to find an amicable solution should a dispute arise.

We still do believe the customer is already right and brings business, makes us grow and therefore will always be treated with respect deserved.

Lastly we treat all our clients the same, regardless of their status and purse.