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With the promise of easing the lockdown and also ecommerce allowed to trade without restrictions, it is a good sign from the government that the economy is being looked after.

We remain open during the Covid19 lockdown, safety come first during these difficult times.

Checkout our CIPC permit and UIF claims application.

Keep safe


  1. Adversity will introduce a man to himself, look at this times of difficulties due to Covid19 lockdown, the economy is in crisis and companies are forced to shutdown. A man will have to think deeper on how to survive, how to continue put food on the table for your family and loved ones.

    Thinking about business is a good idea, in 2003 I joined a company as a contractor from a permanent position, I was scared about what would happen at the end of a contract, will I find another job, I decided to start a business and guess what, I was appointed permanently and the business started and today it provided employment to other people.

    You don’t need to be perfect to start, you only need to get started and work on improving your skills.

    Act now by registering your business as a first step to your financial freedom.

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